You’d think that with all the stores at the mall, I’d be able to find a bunch of skirts to replace the ones that are dated and don’t fit anymore.  I read an article that suggested that women my age wear skirts that are just below the knee.  I’ve loved that length all my life.  My knees are such that they always looked best if I either exposed the entire knee or hid it.   So I began my quest to find an A line skirt with a length just below the knees.


Do you know how hard that is?  There are plenty of  maxi length, midi, mini, short, etc., but very few below the knee.  And when I do find them below the knee they are made of polyester.  I no longer wear polyester.  Let’s just say that polyester or nylon, diabetes, and menopause are not a good mix.  Give me cotton any day and I’ll be happy, even though I know the garment will shrink after one wash.


I ended my shopping with one skirt and it wasn’t what I was looking for.

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